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Mobile Solutions

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device!!!

DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) Excitor DME

Secure Mobile Container for Corporate Data

Give your employees the freedom to bring the device of their choice and work from anywhere and in any manner they choose without compromising on corporate data security and business continuity. Make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a reality at your workplace making your people smile with the freedom of choice.

  • Enterprise Strength Email and Calendars
  • Viewing and Editing of Attachments
  • Signed and Encrypted Emails and Meetings
  • Full Suite of Integrated Office Documents and Tools
  • Integrated File Browser
  • Secure Web Browser
  • HTML 5 Secure Platform

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Excitor G/On Excitor G/On

Secure Remote Access for PC and MAC
G/On ® Client and Gateway Server
  • Data Protection and Integrity
  • Network Access Control
  • Application Authorization
  • Remote Access
  • Device Isolation

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Excitor G/On ® is a client/server solution implementing a distributed port forwarding proxy technology for virtualized connectivity between application clients and application servers. The Excitor G/On ® Client and Gateway Server are designed to communicate over untrusted networks.

Excitor MobicontrolMobiControl

MDM - Mobile Device and Application Management

Excitor MobiControl* is a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution for managing your entire fleet of mobile assets across all operating systems. The centralized, web-based management console provides total visibility and full control of your corporate, shared and personally owned mobile devices.

  • Device Management
  • Device Apps Management
  • Enterprise App Catalog
  • Remote Control and Help Desk
  • Geofencing
  • Expense Management
  • Lockdown/Kiosk Mode
  • Speed Control
  • Antivirus/Antimalware
  • Web Filtering Protection

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Simple, Secure File Transfer

FileZen helps businesses to overcome problems of sharing data between employees and customers. It is a highly secured solution for managed file transfer making it easy for companies to upload and download large volumes of data such as graphics, movies, audio files, text files and CAD data. FileZen is easy to use for secure on premise file transfer and for secure file transfer between companies.

Your data shared wherever and whenever you choose
  • Avoid email attachment size limitations.
  • Prevent data being sent to the wrong recipient.
  • All shared data is kept in-house, under your control.
  • Auditing tools allow you to monitor the data being shared, and by whom.
  • Avoid data loss problems caused by insecure, easily lost removable media.
FileZen secure on premise file transfer
Both physical & virtual appliance available

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Soliton SecureBrowser
Secure access to corporate applications

Soliton SecureBrowser is a dedicated multi-platform web browser that enables secure access to internal systems. Soliton SecureBrowser is the easy and secure solution for accessing company data on the go. With Soliton SecureBrowser and Soliton SecureGateway, corporate web-based applications can be accessed securely without running the risk of data theft which is day by day increasing due to modern concepts such as cloud concept & BYOD concept.

Your data shared wherever and whenever you choose
  • Secure access to internal systems without VPN
  • Supports Mac, Windows Android and iOS
  • Data cannot be accessed by other apps
  • Data transfer is secure
  • Cache automatically erased when closing the browser or after a predetermined period of time
  • Works on both computers and smart devices
  • No restriction in types of data accessed